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Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture Global Trade Due Diligence

Companies acquiring or merging with another firm engaged in international business transactions may be buying a lot more than they bargained for unless they invest the necessary time and resources in ensuring their due diligence investigations address the potential import, export or economic sanctions liability of the target.

Companies may be held liable for the target’s trade compliance violations post-closing—essentially stepping into the shoes of the target company. Discovering a potential trade compliance problem before closing will enable the acquiring or merging company to decide what steps need to be taken to protect its interests or whether to walk away from the deal altogether.

Miller Proctor Law assists companies and law firms in —
  • Conducting a mergers, acquisition and divestitures (MAD) readiness assessment for companies seeking to merge or be acquired;
  • Assisting companies in taking corrective and remedial action as a result of findings and conclusions drawn during the MAD readiness assessment;
  • Conducting the trade compliance portion of due diligence investigations in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures;
  • Assessing potential liability of the target company; and,
  • Developing strategies and plans of action for addressing the target’s violations pre or post-closing.
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Melissa M. Proctor
President and CEO
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